About Us



Our mission.
Seam Placement is an apparel manufacturer and fashion consultant created to help designers and brands bring vision to life. Our mission is to provide highest level of design, development, sourcing and manufacturing services available. Whether you develop your line with us, or you have already had your line and need quality manufacturing, we want to empower you as a designer and build a long-lasting partnership.
Who we are.
We started with a simple concept: we want to be the best. We want to be the best, not just to our clients, but to our people too. We decided that we would make our clients happy by providing quality services and we would make our employees happy by providing a great environment to work in. Thus, in 2014 we began Seam Placement, training our team in complex sewing methods such as French seams, hiring experienced pattern makers and technical designers, and building the team. Fast forward to today, our team consists of experienced designers, pattern makers and sewing professionals.
Our team.
Nothing would be possible without the many amazing people that have joined the Seam Placement family. Without them this would not be possible as each one brings his/her own passion and expertise to help us towards our mission.
Our environment.

We care for our team and as a result, our factory is regularly inspected for:

- Safe, clean, family-first working environments.

- Fair labor practices and education opportunities.

- Eco-friendly practices, such as face masks and extractors to protect teammates' respiration.

- Routine machinery inspection.

We love making clothes. We pay attention to every detail to make our products meet your expectation.
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